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Pod Don't Lie

Aug 31, 2020

NBA resumes play, Jamal Murray puts on an insane 50pt, series extending performance on 70% (!!!) shooting, the NBA mourns the passing of multiple legends, Sam gets yanked off stage, and Stav is still recovering from being drunk as shit all weekend

Aug 27, 2020

A rare ep of pod dont lie where we don't talk about anyone's penis.
Salute to the Bucks and the rest of the players for their strike.
Boy are you gonna hate this one if you're a blue lives matter dick head lol
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Aug 25, 2020


legendary stuff from luka, slightly less legendary but also very impressive stuff from Donovan Mitchell and the process is dead RIP
Also, we try and figure out a way to sabotage the Boston Celtics

Aug 21, 2020

We recap round 1 so far, rank the popularity of some of the worst sex criminals of all time, and close the ep with a story seemingly tailor made for PDL. 
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Aug 18, 2020

#1 Blazer Fan Ian Karmel joins the boys to talk Portland basketball and the playoffs in general. We recorded this last night before we found out about that lady that sucked off the Phoenix Suns, sorry we will cover that story and recap the playoffs on Friday’s Patreon ep