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Pod Don't Lie

Jun 29, 2020

The boys get together to go over the schedule for the Orlando restart and the news stories from last week. Who’s got an easy schedule? Who could jump a few spots before the playoffs? Will joe ingles make fun of your penis if you take a piss on his driveway? Listen and find out

Jun 26, 2020

the boys put quarantine depression on hold to record a no guest banger. Who’s sitting out of Orlando? Who’s got corona? Is sam making delusional predictions about the Knicks (we all know the answer to the last one)


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Jun 23, 2020

The fellas welcome comedian, impressionist and Jazz Fan, JL Cauvin to the show. JL played D3 hoops in college and high school ball in NYC and grew up rooting for Stockton and Malone despite growing up in a Knicks family. Also, if he had it his way, Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t get into the hall of fame.

Jun 19, 2020

The boys review "A Kid From Coney Island" the new Stephon Marbury documentary and delve into the two time all star and Chinese Basketball Association legend's career and personal life. Did the documentary cover the time he had sex with his family's personal chef? no, but we did.
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Jun 16, 2020

The boys welcome returning guest Jamel Johnson back to the pod to talk about the NBA’s restart plans being questioned by some high profile players. We discuss possible alternative venues including an island that was previously used by a pedophile who “committed suicide” in jail. Jamel also takes the time to...